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      Success Stories

      Success in North America

      We are a key supplier of Plastics Piping Systems to EDI, Environmental Dynamics  Inc.  from USA, one of the  Largest Aeration Corporations in the world.

      We have also produced specialized pipes for many other sectors, such as Commercial  Agriculture,   Cement Factories, Sports Equipment Companies in North America.


      Success in Asia
      After the Asian Crisis in the late 90s and the 2004 Asian Tsunami Catastrophe,many of the key infrastructure developments such as public housing, roads and expressways, residential and commercial complexes needed  rebuilding.

      Lipson is proud to have been a key supplier of essential building materials, contributing towards improving living  conditions and creating a cleaner and  greener  environment for the people in many Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines,  Myanmar, Vietnam, etc

      ?Success in Africa 
      Potable Water Supply Projects Led by the United Nations, the Rebuilding Projects  in  many African Nations  aimed at providing better, cleaner and safer housing for  the  local villages.  Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda are  some of the African Nations  that  have used our plastics building products. 

      Lipson is proud to have provided the essential piping systems for these humanitarian projects.


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      Address: Jimei North Industrial Zone, Tian An Road 168, Xiamen 361021 China
      Tel: +86.592.6683128

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