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      You are here: Home » Products » Valves (UPVC/CPVC/PP-H) » UPVC » Pneumatic True Union Ball Valve

      Pneumatic True Union Ball Valve

      SLG Pneumatic True Union Ball Valve (TUBV) can be easily assembled as all our TUBV comes with a ready-to-use mounting pad which makes Installation of either Pneumatic or Electric Actuator extremely convenient and easy.


      True Union Valves are ball valves that not only controls & regulates the flow of fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction. The term true union means that the carrier or main part of the valve can be removed from the piping system and be either repaired or replaced. It is thus extremely helpful, convenient and inexpensive piece of equipment to use. The use of virgin-grade resin and top-grade PTFE seat seal and EPDM O-ring ensures SLG Valves are Effective, Reliable and Durable. Add-on Acutators are conveniently installed without the need for additional mounting pad, making Automation of SLG TUBV very easy.

      Size: 1/2"-4"

      Standard: ANSI, JIS, DIN

      Joints: Solvent-weld or Threaded

      Working Pressure: 150 PSI

      Quality Grade: Premium, Virgin Grade Resin PVC/CPVC/PP-H

      Lower Torque 

      Easy Installation 

      100% Pressure Testing before leaving the factory


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      Address: Jimei North Industrial Zone, Tian An Road 168, Xiamen 361021 China
      Tel: +86.592.6683128

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